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How to Find Happiness?

Finding happiness the major thing that one always look for. Being happy every moment of your life is impossible completely, reject it, right?

No if you listen to some of the great motivational speakers, you may over come from the illusion that it can't be.

One may not find happiness outside since it is the feeling from with-in. And the fact is that there is no road map to it, of there is not road leading to happiness in your life.

happy kids
We miss to enjoy the life and eventually the real happiness because we post-pond our celebrtion to being happy.

We set some parameters to be happy every time. Like when I'll purchase a car I'd be happy or so. There may be en-number of instances you build in your life to stop yourself from being happy.

Just look at the flip side of the life - every moment of the life is filled with happiness, since it need your conscience to be happy.

Just allow the occasion to cheer you, never stop those by setting goals to be happy at certain point of time that your going to be happy.

Think for a sector, what you lack?

You'll get the answer that you have everything, but your not happy because. Your are tend to compare your assets with others - trying to copy their lifestyle.

Change the vision and change not to copy the life of others to be happy,  and in fact you can't be happy in the way as others getting happy in.

Similarly, others' costly coat would not give your satisfaction and happiness and that is true. So try to be happy as your and the assets you have.
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  1. A man is happy if he set a goal and make the sincere efforts to achieve his goals . It is said that do the hard work and achieve your goals with ease .

    Motivational Speaker

    Mark Duin